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Aula Emperor Hate SI983 miš


  • The highest resolution 2000, 5 file the optional three kinds DPI, DPI + and DPI- quick and easy adjustment. 3 colors show different DPI and the corresponding indicator.
  • A group of 10, 5 of 50 keys can be customized, each key can be defined more than 40 kinds of functions, and powerful;
  • Adjustable back light, the monochrome or 6 color two choices, breathing, all lights off in three ways adjustable.
  • Wheel with backlight;
  • Standard 8-key and wheel, the wheel can be custom key;
  • The rate of return with the drive optional: 125,250,500,1000Hz;
  • Configure the onboard memory, ready to save the custom function to the mouse.
  • The mouse can be readily shaped to freely adjust the size of the freedom and comfort;
  • Can create a login, save, edit the driver configuration file, set up a profile for each application and the application, Up to five profiles can be set and saved.
  • With the drive to set the double-click interval, the mouse pointer speed, swing speed, wheel speed.
  • New combination bursts functions, hold down the function key and press the corresponding function; press the corresponding function allows continuous issue.
  • Dismantling heavier block: 1.5+/-0.5 g 4pcs.

Tehničke karakteristike:

  • The transfusion way/wired USB
  • Tracking system: Super Laser
  • Mouse Dimensions: 123.5(L)*81.5(W)*37.5(H) +/- 0.5mm
  • Mouse Weight: 163+/-5g
  • Resolution: 2000DPI
  • Number of key: 8(including the OPI+OPI-forward firepower key
  • Key Travel: 0.8mm
  • Actuation Force: 70+/-5g
  • Key life: 500 million times
Miš - info
Broj tipki:8
Dimenzije (DxŠxV):123.5mm x 81.5mm x 37.5mm
Težina:163 g
Jamstvo:12 mjeseci

Aula Emperor Hate SI983 miš

  • Brand: Aula
  • Šifra: 1101288
  • Dostupnost: Dostupno
  • 179,00kn